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How Blockchain Can Benefit Law Enforcement Agencies

People have been hearing about the Blockchain technology for the past few years and different businesses have been adopted this technology for their business use cases. Blockchain, since its evolution, has disrupted many industries through its secured immutable decentralized distributed nature. The major adopters of this technology belong to the supply chain, real estate, banking and finance, health care, and education sectors. Another sector that is adopting this technology on a large scale is – Law enforcement. Law enforcement in a country is the responsibility of its government and there are different agencies and departments in every country who are part of the governing body and their main responsibility is to ensure the proper regulation of laws.

Unfortunately, these law enforcement agencies have to face many challenges due to lack of an interconnected system that can enable the law enforcement departments to share the data among each other and maintain the record of evidence reports against the crimes being committed. As the ways to commit crimes have been advanced, therefore there is a need to keep everything on record so that the criminal activities can be tracked more effectively and efficiently. Blockchain, being a secured distributed ledger can be a game-changer in this regard as the data stored on it can never be changed. So if an ecosystem is developed in which all the law enforcement agencies are interconnected and share authentic information with each other including the identity of every citizen, then this would be a great step towards a secure, transparent, and trustworthy environment where no one will be able to bypass any rule regulated by the government.

Once such a system will be developed, this will make many things easier while investigating any case or criminal activity. Moreover, the investigation reports coming to the justice courts will be trusted by all the associated entities as they will be knowing that the data used in those reports were generated from the authentic source and can be cross-checked as it is stored on the blockchain and available for any use, any time. Moreover, as the data stored on the blockchain is tamper proof, therefore, it will establish a trust between the police and other institutes involved.

Blockchain can serve law enforcement agencies in several possible use cases,




Many companies are trying to solve different problems for law enforcement agencies for tracing criminalities, secure interoperable, interagency data sharing, decentralizing emergency alert/response infrastructure, and standardizing distributed crime reports.


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