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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Blockchain Expert Solutions?

Blockchain Expert Solutions is a venture dedicated solely to provide blockchain related consultancy and services to its valuable clients all over the world. At BES we excel in blockchain technology and offer you secure, safe and fully customized decentralized applications. We are a team of competent and professional blockchain developers, researchers and consultants. Decentralizing the whole system, BES Imparts solution & take measures for all blockchain related queries, believing in the fact that all is addressed within this domain.

Why Blockchain Expert Solutions?

BES delivers all kind of Blockchain related services e.g. Ethereum, Hyper ledger, B2B research based solutions, promising quality & efficacy. Putting client’s satisfaction on top, timely deliverance in projects and fulfilling all the requirements proficiently is one of our key goals. Having the most desirable environment & capable team for making the impossible, possible. With every passing day BES strives to become your own personal consultant & solution provider. Known to the problems of IT & businesses today, we provide you with the most appropriate solutions.

What makes us different?

The versatility of our team & their commitment to never ending hard work makes us different. We put client’s satisfaction on top and even arrange working according to their time zones. Self-accountability & taking ownership of the work is practiced among us. We work collectively to achieve a common goal. Because we believe in executing work with securing integrity & collaboration.

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts are digital and automated way of verifying, facilitating, enforcing the negotiation & performance of a contract. They are self-executing contracts with terms of agreement written within the code. These contracts are stored on Blockchain and are controlled by no one thus is trustable.

BES Recruitment process?

Blockchain Expert Solutions is efficient in identifying your potential. The process is quite simple & effective. Starting with the screening process on pure merit, then having a one on one conversation with the hiring team. The CEO himself gets involved in the process of enlightening you more about the company later via interpersonal communication you’re evaluated on the basis of your skills & certain activities to make the process more transparent & fair. If you’re the Lucky one, the HR department is proficient enough to contact to you within the time frame of 10 days providing you with an offer letter. Our HR team was successful in conducting 100 interviews in a day shortlisting the most eligible candidates. Producing a competent skillful squad, achieving milestones with every passing day.