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Do You Know Blockchain Also Has Few Limitations?

Besides developing crypto-currencies, the blockchain technology seems to have enormous potential to change the way we conduct transactions, such as paying for products and services, securing important data, making transactions transparent and making electoral process more secure. Like every emerging technology, blockchain has stirred extravagant expectations among tech experts, entrepreneurs and consumers but the fact[...]
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Blockchain To Secure Vote And Improve Elections’ Transparency

With a new round of elections approaching this year in Pakistan, use of technology has become a point of discussion due to transparency. Technology helps citizens learn about candidates along with electoral and voting system and how technology can help make elections transparent and their votes secure. And out of all, blockchain is the most[...]
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How Can Blockchain Revolutionize E-Commerce Sector?

Can Blockchain Revolutionize E-Commerce Sector
A blockchain is a database in which information (stored in form of blocks) is linked together in form of chain. Blockchain is a public ledger that provides information about the digital transactions and database that has been executed. Blocks are created in a sequential manner, with each new block contains hash of the previous block.[...]
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How Can Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Gaming Industry?

Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Gaming Industry
The gaming industry has continuously been evolving. From a console-based platform to the evolution of internet based and now digital gaming that includes innovations like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) due to the availability of broadband internet, it is not wrong to say that the gaming industry has gone through massive transformation in[...]
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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Blockchain Technology

Ask Before Choosing a Blockchain Technology
While everyone involved in the heated debate about the future of crypto currencies, one thing that has received experts’ consensus on is the possibility that blockchain technology will transform the world. It seems like that blockchain has captured the idea (concept) of what every business needs. It is observed that as the blockchain market continues[...]
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Blockchain Technology – What and Why?

Blovkchain technology experts
Businesses can hardly survive without going online or having strong online presence. Sounds correct and obvious, right? However, if we had analysed this statement in 1999, we may be tagged arrogant and fanatic. With the advent of internet, there was a lot of hype around this technology and its impact on business in the years[...]
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Blockchain Storms the Freelance World: 6 Startups to Watch

Freelancing presents an interesting case study for the impact of technology on the evolution of a highly active and entrepreneurial microcosm within the grand professional workforce. A decade ago, freelancing was seen as somewhat of an island of misfit toys – where people who were otherwise barred from the larger corporate workforce either by job[...]
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Bitcoin Owner Claim; Revelations, Lawsuit & Troubles

The claim of Craig wright in 2016 is rolling over the internet & the technology world in most of the past decade. Almost every technologist, journalists & bitcoin expert is trying to uncover the suspicious personality who owns 1 million digital coins, worth 10 billion USD. Craig Wright; an Australian computer scientist claims to be[...]
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Cybersecurity Via Blockchain

In the current era almost everyone has access to the internet. People prefer shopping online, inclined towards services online & eventually a whole business model is been reframed in the past decade through the latest evolution in the field of information technology. But the idea to ponder upon is the security & protection of individuals[...]
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Letter of Credit Via Blockchain

We all know that the current system of trade finance is quite complex as the components attached to it demands ample time. Basically it involves process of financing in the areas of commerce & international trade. This refers to the procedure from multiple regulatory authorities & verification terminals to the risk of fraud & tampering.[...]
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