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Cybersecurity Via Blockchain

In the current era almost everyone has access to the internet. People prefer shopping online, inclined towards services online & eventually a whole business model is been reframed in the past decade through the latest evolution in the field of information technology. But the idea to ponder upon is the security & protection of individuals[...]
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Letter of Credit Via Blockchain

We all know that the current system of trade finance is quite complex as the components attached to it demands ample time. Basically it involves process of financing in the areas of commerce & international trade. This refers to the procedure from multiple regulatory authorities & verification terminals to the risk of fraud & tampering.[...]
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Blockchain Limitations

In the current era terminologies like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are no new to people anymore, everyone has heard of them as of late the term “Blockchain” is trending these days in the tech community. ‘Blockchain’ is the technology that supports digital currencies and ensures that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded. Blockchain development services provide the permanent[...]
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Blockchain Transforming Supply Chain

The Time- consuming exhaustive process of supply chain has ever forced you go all blue. The amount of extensive energy & time it takes can be proficiently tackled by the recent technology of this era. Ever thought of using latest technology of blockchain in the current traditional process of Supply chain. The following article includes[...]
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Advantages of Blockchain

Blockchain is the latest trending word in the world of technology. Almost everyone is rather curious to learn about it or is interested to use it in making the prevailing orthodox system accelerate. The technologists do understand the process of blockchain but its benefits are yet not revealed to the core. This result in depriving[...]
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Blockchain Empowers Youth Seminar

Going beyond the limits in reconstructing the concept of youth empowerment. Blockchain expert solutions along with University of management & technology collaborated to recognize the capacities of the youth. It was initiated with a formal invitation by Dr. Adnan Abid (Associate Professor) on behalf of the Dean. The participants included the Dean & faculty of[...]
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Blockchain and Trade Finance

In the current era of development nobody imagines to be left behind as with every passing day innovations are reshaping the world. Delays & inefficiency is strictly not affordable. The orthodox business of trade & finance has been strongly affected in this regard. Referring to the amount of time financial houses consume for the verification[...]
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Applications of Blockchain in the Insurance Industry

The succession of a company is dependent on its sales as it is directly proportional to the profits. When talking about strenuous sales which are not easily achievable the insurance industry strikes our mind. Wandering to find solutions from door to door but all the efforts go in vain. The process of approaching and maturing[...]
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