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Miranz Awards Certificates to Students Completing Blockchain Training Program

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is expected to shape the future of our world. Unfortunately, its awareness in Pakistan is very limited and no prominent educational institutes are offering it in their study programs. This is why Miranz Technologies has taken it upon itself to impart knowledge about this technology to the people of[...]
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How Blockchain Technology Is Changing The Businesses?

People are usually appalled with the technological developments, so they resist any such kind of change, without considering how the new technology will improve their future. One such emerging technology that is exciting and about to bring innovation is blockchain. Most of us denote “blockchain” technology with crypto-currency and finance but the technology has already[...]
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How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Even for savvy entrepreneurs, tech geeks and cryptocurrency investors, understanding blockchain is the most overwhelming and confusing aspect. Blockchain technology supports and controls the digital currency space and its supremacy. Financial experts and analysts believe that it contains a number of viable applications and offers multiple uses in different sectors beyond cryptocurrency market. Therefore, not[...]
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What Is Blockchain Technology And Benefits Attached To It?

Businesses can hardly survive without going online or having strong online presence. Sounds correct and obvious, right? However, if we had analysed this statement in 1999, we may be tagged arrogant and fanatic. With the advent of internet, there was a lot of hype around this technology and its impact on business in the years[...]
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Why To Choose Blockchain Technology For Business?

With bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies becoming popular, a number of tech savvy entrepreneurs are becoming more and more aware of blockchain technology. Originally, the technology was created to provide a storage mode for data derived from the Bitcoin network and the idea behind was to come up with a decentralized method. These ledgers indicate all[...]
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Blockchain Can Help End The Fraudulent Business Activities

Yes, you have heard it right. However, surprisingly no one seems to care about the power of underlying technology i.e. blockchain. Apart from powering the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology has the potential to create an unmatched level of trust in recording business transactions without third party involvement. To understand the phenomenon, all you[...]
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Is BlockChain Solution a Right Choice for Your Business?

Blockchain Technology Application for Business
Blockchain is a digital ledger that provides a safe and secure mode of recording transactions, data entries and agreements – anything that needs to be recorded. You may question what is the difference? The answer is that it is all done in a unique manner rather than being kept in one place like a ledger[...]
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Which Blockchain Model Should I Opt For?

It is not wrong to say that out of all the emerging technologies, blockchain technology is the most discussed one – despite the fact that it has been implemented by niche entities only. One of the significant reasons why the technology has not caught up the pace is that it feels a bit intimidating to entrepreneurs.[...]
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Blockchain Storms the Freelance World: 6 Startups to Watch

Freelancing presents an interesting case study for the impact of technology on the evolution of a highly active and entrepreneurial microcosm within the grand professional workforce. A decade ago, freelancing was seen as somewhat of an island of misfit toys – where people who were otherwise barred from the larger corporate workforce either by job[...]
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Cybersecurity Via Blockchain

In the current era almost everyone has access to the internet. People prefer shopping online, inclined towards services online & eventually a whole business model is been reframed in the past decade through the latest evolution in the field of information technology. But the idea to ponder upon is the security & protection of individuals[...]
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